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Your Daily Gameplan On How To Live With Passion, On Purpose, So That You Can Win In Life!

The PLAYBOOK used by Teams, Organizations, Universities, Schools, Churches, etc... to develop their people to be WINNERS and WIN!



*THIS IS NOT A BOOK. I say that because I do not want you to get it twisted in thinking you are purchasing something you are going to just read through and do nothing with.

*THIS IS NOT A JOURNAL. But you will journal and be shown how to effectively journal to WIN.

*THIS IS NOT A PLANNER. But you will plan and discover how to WIN THE DAY.

THIS IS A PLAYBOOK! A blueprint for your life!

The Playbook is a 90 Day, over 300 page PLAYBOOK, a GAMEPLAN for your LIFE!

Every successful team and organization has a playbook for their team and their company. So why do we as people not have a Playbook for our life?

That is why I created this Playbook, to provide you with a blueprint for your life. The x's and o's, the plays to run so that you can build the life you were born to live.

In The Playbook you will have:

1. PRE GAME - This is where we create the vision for your life and your 90 days and when we create the action steps to set you up to WIN. During this time you will learn the most important areas to WIN each day and how to effectively implement the Playbook to set yourself up to WIN. We will break down the 7 Key Areas To WIN In Life, we will create the VISIONS for your life and systematically train you through how to execute the X's and O's.

2. GAMETIME - This is your daily hit list. The X's and O's that you will run each day to WIN. You will have your AM and PM routines - the same exact routines I have used and coach others through to WIN. You will discover how to place yourself in a WINNING state each day so that you go into your day set up to WIN. You will throw away your to-do list and discover how to increase your productivity each day with The Big 3!

3. POST GAME - This is your scoreboard. At the end of each day, week and month we have a scoreboard to assure you are WINNING. Each week we will reevaluate your performance and each month create a new vision and goals for you to make those visions a reality.

WINNING IS BUILT ON WINNING Many people hope and wish to WIN but never WIN. Many people watch others WIN and desire to WIN but never WIN. WINNING is built by producing small wins over and over again. I call it STACKING WINS! By using this Playbook everyday you will stack wins and those stacked wins will add up to your BIG WINS overtime!

This Playbook is compiled of the most important things I did EVERYDAY to pull myself out of the darkest time of my life, to overcome, to create "Coach JC" and to create a purpose driven life and experience a life of abundance and true fulfillment. 

I have been so blessed to coach people from all walks of life to Live With Passion, On Purpose, and Win In Life! I realized that due to time and financial restraints it is impossible for me to serve everyone...BUT I want to!

And that is why I created this Playbook. To provide you with the exact blueprint I use in my coaching to help High Performers from Pro Athletes, to CEO's, Executives, Entrepreneurs.

Imagine having me coaching you for 90 Day's... What would that be worth to you? Well, now you can! In this Playbook you will have me walking you through the exact gameplan so that you can create your life of PURPOSE, with PASSION and WIN!

I put together this short video so that you can hear my heart and truly understand why the Playbook was created, the actual breakdown of how the Playbook works and how it can change your life.

IT'S TIME TO INVEST IN YOU!  I say invest because for only $147 investment you can change the entire trajectory of your life! If you are willing to invest in YOU!

IF you choose to implement The Playbook and play all out, implement it at 100% for 90 days, YOUR LIFE will look drastically different, in a good way. You will be DREAMING again and at a new level. You will THINK like a WINNER, you will ACT like a WINNER and you will create a life LIVING WITH PASSION, ON PURPOSE SO THAT YOU CAN WIN IN LIFE!

Who Loves Ya?!

I Do!


Coach JC

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