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I have been training athletes for over 17 years now on how to become a better athlete and win on the playing field. At 23 years old I became the youngest Director of Strength and Conditioning in the Nation at the Division 1 Level. It was at this time as I went through a huge tragedy in my own life that I discovered The Secret To WINNING as an athlete. I saw way to many athletes not achieving peak performance on the court and also in life. I realized that the same gampelan I used in my own life to turn what looked like a severe loss into a WIN could work with the athletes I was training.

I created my WINNING MINDSET system and BAM! We started winning and had the most winning seasons in the schools history for multiple sports.

What would your life look like if you woke up everyday believing that you could WIN?

How would that make you feel? What kind of confidence would you have? How would you show up in sport or in life differently? What kind of energy would you have? How would it effect your performance?

Many times in life we don't reach our full potential and WIN because we lost control of our mindset. We area allowing the things of life to control us...the worry, the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty, etc.. Because of this many of us don't perform at the HIGHEST level.

Your mindset has a direct affect on your performance. Every action originates with a thought. Many people don't WIN because they are weak mentally.

Because of a lack of BELIEF. A lack of belief in SELF. In YOU! Who you were born to be, who you are and who you can become!

And many times this directly effects other areas of your life and leads to relationship struggles, financial burdens, and even depression.

When I discovered that motivation comes and goes and that people will never WIN if they wait to be motivated I started to train the MINDSET parallel to training the physical body and performance of an athlete. AND my clients starting WINNING on a different level.

The body transformations and the athletic performance results were GREAT but the LIFE transformations were life changing for so many!

And that is why I wrote this book.  To provide you with a 27 day gameplan to help you Create The WINNING Mindset.

And not just so that you can WIN as an athlete BUT most importantly so that you can WIN in life!

If you are an athlete, a coach, a parent this is the book for you!

You will discover:
– How to train your mind just like you train you body
– How to WIN before you WIN
– What has been holding you back and how to overcome that thing
– How you WINNING today is the most important WIN you can produce
– The Law of WINNING and how to turn it on in your life

I believe that this gameplan within this book will provide you the performance increase and WINNING you desire like it has thousands of other before you.


Who loves ya?!

I Do!


-Coach JC

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