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You are holding in your hand, not only a book, but most importantly, a blueprint. A blueprint for you to create your new reality and orchestrate your future. I am a walking miracle, a come- back kid, from rags to riches story but most importantly, I am a walking testimony. A testimony for you to become motivated, inspired, and encouraged that if I can do it, you can too!

I have been blessed to do what I love to do and make a living doing it. That is helping people build a purpose-filled life, profit from their passions and ultimately WIN IN LIFE!

But it all started in 2003 when I laid face down in my apartment, in the fight of my life. Fighting to be a father, in a custody battle that brought me to over $400k in debt, ended with me depressed, oppressed, down and out, and suicidal. I made a decision at that moment in time to create a new story for my life. I did some strategic things at the time to pull me out of the dark place I was in and create my new reality.

That is just a small part of my story but in creating that new story for my life I also discovered that everything I went through HAD TO HAPPEN and my most painful moments in life became my GREATEST PURPOSE!

This book you are holding is 17 years in the making and is based off of real life trial and error. Not theory, not something I think is a good idea, but the blueprint that I used in my own life to create a personal brand. The same game plan that has helped others take their story, knowledge, and skillsets and create their PURPOSE driven life and HIGHLY PROFITABLE personal brand. And YOU ARE NEXT!

It’s the systems from marketing, sales, fulfillment, etc. that most people believe make up a successful business but none of these things work without a BRAND. Your personal brand is what will drive your purpose and fuel your passion so that you can reach the people you are called to reach, make your greatest impact, and make a living doing it.

This book is compiled of a few of the most important things I did to create a purpose driven life and build my personal brand, “Coach JC”, The “WIN ALL DAY” movement, and four other brands are built around my personal brand. My personal brand has been the thing that has allowed me to experience a life of abundance and true fulfillment. I believe that this will serve you the same way it did me and thousands of other people before you.

I am believing THE BEST for you, and as you implement this game plan I pray that you will experience a life of over-the-top passion, joy, strength, peace, love, positivity, intensity, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, giving, impact, and happiness... a PURPOSE-DRIVEN, PASSION-FILLED, HIGHLY PROFITABLE LIFE!




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